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Donvale Central Probus Club offers a variety of activities for its members. 






DINE OUTS: Every month the Club has a dine-out either for lunch or dinner. These are usually at local venues but can include city restaurants - Langham Hotel.  Dine outs are paid in advance of the function.




BARBECUES: Barbecues are held at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster during the daylight saving 





WALKS:  Walks are held on the 4th Tuesday and 2nd Thursday of each month. Details of these are always in the Newsletter.






AMBLES: Once a month members enjoy a leisurely walk around a local park.






CARAVAN/CABINS: A trip of approx 4 days is organised each year to a scenic area in Victoria.



































TEN PIN BOWLING: 3rd Thursday of each month at Forest Hill Bowling Centre.






CRAZY WHIST: Held several times a year at the East Doncaster Baptist Church Hall.






MORNING COFFEE: 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at The Pines Shopping Centre Food Court. Great opportunity to get together for coffee and a chat.

MOVIES: Members have the opportunity to attend the movies each month.

THEATRE: Group tickets to both live theatre in the city and to local productions are available regularly to Club members.

TRIVIA:  Groups of Probus members meet at the Doncaster Inn Hotel once a month on a Tuesday evening to show their skill at answering Trivia Questions.


OLD JOKER'S CLUB:  Old Joker's Group meets at Doncaster Hotel for lunch and a chat each month.

Members enjoy a humour filled lunch accompanied with many laughs, guffaws and tall stories.

BOOK CLUB:  Members meet every six weeks to discuss their thoughts on selected books







          Please login to check Club activities which are always updated in the Donvale Central Despatch.

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