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Executive - 2022


Committee (left to right):


President:          Chas Sturrock

Secretary:          Fred Ford

Editor:                Glenda Nicol

Past President:  Betty McMellan

Speakers:          Lorraine Gill

Membership:     Ros Greenham

Welfare:            Judy Cowan

Treasurer:         Helen McMillan

Outings:            Lyn Cowley




Hospitality:              Don & Rhonda Patterson
Walks:                     Sue Ellis
Ambles:                   Ros Greenham
Birthdays:                Eva Robson
P.A.:                        Ted Hetherington, Don Patterson, Jack Sorensen
Movies:                   Lauris Owens
Theatre:                  Margaret Pagonis
Crazy Whist:           Jan Altman
Caravan/Cabins:     Lyn White, Jan Altman
Ten Pin Bowls:        Sandra Atkin, Kaye Reid
Dine Outs:               Lyn Cowley & Members of the Social Committee
Barbecues:              Lyn Cowley
Risk Management:  Helen Ford
Hall Monitor:            Richard Atkin
First Aid:                  Helen Ford
Wardens:                 Ralph Altman, Bernie Nass, Fred Ford,Ralph Altman 


                            Our Birthday Girl

Fun, Friendship and Fellowship

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