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Welcome to a new Probus Year of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship


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                            Annual January Picnic (in lieu of a January meeting)

On January 15th a group of Probus members gathered together at Ruffey Lake Park for our annual January barbecue.  The weather was extremely hot and humid but that certainly did not stop the fun and chatter that is always part of our Probus gatherings. 

Come along and join us at the next barbecue on February 12th.


      Year of the Rat









Just when we thought our 'post Christmas' diet and exercise routine was beginning to take effect, what do we do?  Well, go and indulge again.  34 friendly folk all turned up on time at the casino.  This was despite one of our members, totalling forgetting that she had promised to accompany another member enroute.  However, we had two 'ringins' who were warmly welcomed to our happy group.  Despite an extra $2 added to our cost (obviously Crown's shares are down this year) we all enjoyed our never ending buffet.  We had one member (nameless) who turned up, unpaid and not listed which confused the finances no end .... please confer with the Club's Treasurer.  It was noted that the Club's President was still checking out the dessert bar, especially the strawberry topped one with a glass of red in hand well after we had all finished.  I think he just wanted to make sure he had had good value for his money. Well all that is to do now is to check out that diet and fitness routine ...again... as always good catching up with friends and having a good natter.


This is what I call good food !!!!

What's for dinner tonight?

Doing time at - HER MAJESTY'S - Service

Monday 10th February and 23 DCPC members thoroughly enjoyed "doing time" at HER MAJESTY'S THEATRE exploring the history and workings including numerous stairs, rooms and stage facilities, 1,700 new seats, paintings and plaques etc.etc of this grand old lady.  Built in the 1880's, rebuilt internally following the 1927 fire (Art Deco) and refurbished by MIKE WALSH since his ownership in 1999.  Her Majesty's stands as one of Melbourne's outstanding "live theatre" venues.

The day started with our host  Mary Murphy providing a short history followed by a beautiful short film on the history of the theatre and bygone productions featuring Mike Walsh interviewing past performers and production personal.

After negotiating many steps, we found our way into the 1,700 seat theatre itself. Continuing through narrow passages and more steps we explored many small rooms all with a particular purpose such as dressing rooms, makeup rooms, costume departments and everything else that serves to bring a production to the stage

Then onto the STAGE itself for an excellent account of the processes and workings of the stage equipment/props etc provided by the Resident Stage Manager - interesting stuff!!!  We then found our way down to the Orchestra Pit ( where Margaret and Grahme's son Stuart has spent much time).

A photo of a recently assembled group on stage who auditioned for the proposed new show called "Young at Heart" (which fortunately failed to get funding) is included in this report - look closely you may find someone you know!!!

"The Group who auditioned for the new show "Young at Heart"

Onwards then to the wall of signatures of members of past shows/productions started by Marcel Marceau post 2000 - winding our way back for lunch.  A lunch comprising lovely sandwiches, plus scones with jam and cream, tea and coffee and a free raffle culminating with Trish winning a beautiful hard cover book on the "History of Pantomine in Australia".  GUESS WHO DREW OUT THE WINNING TICKET!!!!

Many thanks to LYN. for arranging such an interesting tour for us all - A GREAT DAY


March Barbecue - Ruffey Lake Park

A perfect night for a barbecue with Probus friends. A huge thank you to Jack and Lucy.

Thank you also to our visitors who helped to make this a great evening.

Crazy Whist:

We had a good tune-up of 20 players for our Crazy Whist game on Thursday evening and as usual there was plenty of lively chattering and laughter.  The results were close for both the biggest winner and the biggest loser, but Cynthia was delighted to just pip Jeanette to the winning post and Margaret came in a worthy Tail Ender. 

We look forward to more fun and brain teasing next month.


Sue's Walk Report:

Here we are almost into March, with Easter and School holidays coming up.  It will be "Christmas in July" before we know it!  We have had two walks so far, the first one had 7 members and 1 visitor walk around Eltham Park area, stopping along the way for our "cuppa" at the "Second Home Cafe".  Wth all the strange weather we have had over the summer, the morning wasn't too bad but think we were all pleased to get back to the cars.

Our second one was on Thursday 25th February, where 9 members walked around Koomba Park, having our "cuppa" halfway at "Java Script" cafe at the Vermont Private Hospital.  Three of us did this walk late November, and the amount of undergrowth that has developed since then was amazing - almost like walking through jungle in parts. They certainly need to get the maintenance men to do some cutting back, as it is a pretty area with wild flowers and lots of bird life.  Once again, quite humid weather but we made it.

Our next walk is on during  the Happy Campers week, so hope to see a few of you join in who are not away.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day:  "Beautiful smiles appear with good coffee."

And for our tea lovers: "There is a great deal of poetry and the sentiment in a chest of tea."

Now for the cake lovers:  "My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it."

Breakfast at Melissa's:

We had 23 members attend a breakfast at Melissa's today ( Feb 26th).  They gave us very thoughtful, efficient service and enjoyable food.  What more could you ask for of any restaurant !!


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Sue's Walk Report:

While our happy campers were enjoying their stay down at Phillip Island, we had 4 ladies enjoy a lovely walk around the Mullum Mullum creek in Donvale.  The weather was perfect, home before the heat, enjoying a quiet cuppa at the Stadium Cafe.  We were the only ones.  The area is quite overgrown in parts, but we did see the grass cutter tractor on the other side of the creek.

Our next walk is Jells Park, having our "cuppa" at Madeline's Cafe in the park.  A bit of small change would be handy as they won't split the bill.  Hope to see a few of you join in.

Sue's Coffee and Tea thought for the day:

"Tea has the afternoon, but the morning belongs to Coffee."

Now for the cake lovers:  

"Crumbs are the best compliment".

Sue's Walk Report:

Well, today, being 24th March, our walking group should have been having a lovely walk around Jells Park, but of course that didn't happen.  So, I have nothing to report!  I will attach some photos of Jells Park Lake that I took a few weeks ago while refreshing my memory of the walk.  Today would have been a superb day weatherise for it too. 

While we are not walking or doing any of our activities I thought I should still put in some non reports for our web page, just to keep in touch with you lovely folk.  I wish you all well, and stay healthy.  We will have to come up with entertaining ideas to keep ourselves occupied.  Today I brought out some colouring books and pencils from when that was a fad, so, this afternoon I had a peaceful hour or so colouring in.  I'm sure our Craft ladies will have some magnificent items to show us later in the year.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day: (If you can get one!!)  "I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake."

And for our tea lovers: "Keep calm and have a cup of tea."

Now for the cake lovers: "Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people: It does for me."

(Maybe not too much cake while we are not able to exercise so much!!!)

Till next time, cheers from Sue.



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