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Welcome to a new Probus Year of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship

Our first get together (instead of a formal meeting) in 2024 was held in our favourite pavilion at Ruffey Lake Park. 

The members that attended enjoying catching up with each other and as happens when we get together there was much chatter and laughter.  The weather was hot and the food plentiful.

Probus members are friends for life.  While experimenting with A.I. the website wrote this poem.

                                                                                PROBUS FRIENDS


In Ruffey Lake Park, Probus friends convene,

Beneath the trees, a bond unseen.

Time may have carved lines on each face,

But laughter and joy they still embrace.

Reliving memories from Probus days,

In this reunion, friendships forever last.

                                       A.I. Generated



DISCUSSION: "The Sweet Remnants of Summer" was not the most enjoyable book we have read, but I think the members who have read other books from the same series enjoyed it more than those who have not read any previously.  Some members liked the book because of the "Niceness" of the main characters.  Other members were disappointed that the story did not develop further.

The 'Enjoyment' score for the book by the members present was 6.

Our next book to be read and discussed chosen by Lorna is "The Seven Sisters' By Lucinda Riley.


                    Halliday Park, Mitcham - Facebook

We're back!  Welcome everyone to 2014.  We had 8 lovely ladies and two cute dogs - "Maggie &Louie" - join in our first amble for the year at Halliday Park, Mitcham.

The weather was a bit all over the shop!  Sunny, then cool, sunny, then cool, but nice enough for a very pleasant morning around this lovely park, followed of course, by our extended cuppa and chat.

Eight is good, but we can accommodate many more, so think about it and maybe join our next amble, details in February Newsletter.


"The park is a place where the stress of everyday life is replaced by the joy of simple pleasures".

Sue & Ros


Welcome to the New Year and yes, the walkers are back on track.  On the 8th February, we had 7 members join in for the walk along Mullum Mullum Trail to Beasley's for some - a bit further- settling in at the Teahouse where we had our extended cuppa and chat before heading back to the cars.  One of our past members, Nola, was out with her son visiting from overseas and they joined us for a cuppa.  It was good to see Nola again.

We battled lots of bike riders along the way:  I think the sun must have been bringing them out.  Most of them, like ourselves, were very friendly.  The Nursery was looking very pretty and colourful with lots to choose from - always nice for a visit.  As you will see one of the attached photos, we did make it to the end!!!

Now, for a bit of a down side, Jack did mention that he "hadn't had a shave"!!! Really, Jack, just remember for next time.

Our next walk is clashing with the Toora trip, but those of you not travelling can join in for a nice easy walk along part of the Mullum Mullum trail and coffee at The Stadium.  I hope to see some of you there.  Those going on the trip to Toora, have a wonderful time.

"Life begins after coffee, which comes after the walk"!!!


And what a good morning it was !!!!

Lots of friendly chatter amongst Probus friends.

A great way to start the day.



37' degree forecast for today did not keep the Probus Crafties at home.  We gathered at Mary's, along with our balls of wool, knitting needles and crochet hooks.  The click of needles and happy conversation made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Come along and join us - no knitting or crochet experience is necessary.


On the Thursday, following the Tuesday Probus meeting, the keen 'Ten Pinners' head off to the Forest Hill Bowling Centre at Forest Hill Chase for 2 games of bowls.  The competition is fierce with the bowlers trying to knock down those skittles and not let the bowl fly down the gutter. New players are always welcome and no experience is necessary.  This is a fun outing.

            The winner is Glenda


While many of our Probus friends, including a few of our walkers, "Tootled down to Toora", 5 "Walkers Wandered along the Mullum Mullum Track" on 27th February.  We had a nice morning having our cuppa at the Stadium, getting home before it started to heat up too much.

We hope the Toora Tourists have a wonderful time and the weather is kind to you.

Our next walk is on Thursday 14th March, meeting at Melissa's Cafe Templestowe,heading to Finns Reserve. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here's a bit of "Coffeeology" for fun:


                                                          Expresso Yourself;

                                                          Better Latte Than never;

                                                          Take Life One Cup at a Time;

                                                          So many Blends, So Little Time

                                                          Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Bad Bad Coffee

                                                          Take time to smell the Coffee, and last but not least,

                                                          "Deja Brew: The feeling you've had this coffee before"


Toora is a small, historic township situated between Foster and Welshpool. Nestled in the hills above town are 12 wind turbines and Victoria's highest single span waterfall, Agnes Falls.  There are breathtaking views of Wilsons Promontory National Park. Toora is located 180 Kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

                        South Gippsland Wonder Land

                Anges Falls                            Skull Rock - Wilson's Promontory          Swing Bridge Tarra - Bulga

               TODDLING OFF TO TOORA

On a sunny late summer afternoon, 36 intrepid members of the Donvale Central Probus Club drove off down the South Gippsland Highway for four days and nights of fun at Toora, a small dairy and beef cattle farming town not far from Wilson's Prom.  Happy Hour and then dinner was enjoyed at the Toora Holiday Park Community Centre on our first night, with numerous jokes and obscure riddles keeping the laughter level very high.  Our highly organised leaders Jan and Lyn gave us a taste of things to come each evening at Happy Hour.  Some members took their caravans and others stayed in well-fitted cabins.

On Tuesday, the group headed down to Yarram to wander the main street surveying the many attractive murals on the walls of the town and then departed for Port Albert. There we enjoyed a lunchtime feast of fish and chips outside the Maritime Museum, followed by an interesting talk by the Museum Manager on the unique history of the area, and then a walk through the Museum itself.  Moving on to Port Welshpool, those with good stamina tackled walking the length of the pier, the longest in Victoria.

Mural _Mechanics Institute        Port Albert Museum              Port Welshpool Pier

  Yarram Water Tower

Most of our group participated the next day in a two-hour cruise from the beach at Tidal River down the west side of the 'Spectacular Wilson's Prom National Park'.  Our journey took us out to the Glennies and Skull Rock, and along the way we encountered fur seals, sea eagles,and large pods of dolphins while being entertained by a humorous and interesting commentary.  Those who did not go on the cruise went into the town of Fish Creek for lunch.

                             Boat Cruise from Tidal River

Our final day saw us assemble picnic lunches and drive into the hills to Agnes Falls, an unexpectedly pretty location with a good viewing area.  After lunch in the picnic ground at the Falls, we then headed further inland to the quirky "South Gippsland Tank Adventures" where we saw a large range of ex-Army tanks and military equipment and had an entertaining talk by the owner.  An extra option was a ride in and Armoured Personnel Carrier which was undertaken by 13 members of the group.

                                       Tank Museum

The final function of our holiday in Gippsland was a farewell dinner at the Toora Pub that night where our President thanked Lyn and Jan for the huge amount of work thay had done in putting together what was a truly memorial five days away from us all.



The weather was just perfect for our amble on 8th March, held at our regular and delightful Halliday Park.  We had 6 lovely ladies join in, plus1visitor. The visitor was a past member, going by the name of Pete!! Yes, we had a man on the Amble and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Why wouldn't he; surrounded by a bevy of beauty, and that was just the ladies, not to mention the wonderful oak trees and gardens.

 After our amble, we settled in for our nibbles, cuppa and chat.  We try to solve some of the world's problems but we spent a lot of time talking footy, and our visitor Pete, entertained us all with some jokes.  So there you go fellas, you can come along to join in an amble.  Think about it.

So you don't become too complacent. Our Amble for April (second Fri - 8th) is going to be at Ruffey Lake Park.  Parking at the "The Boulevarde" Entrance.

"Ambling in the park is my favourite way to recharge".  We look forward to seeing you there.

Sue and Ros

Once a group of old friends decided to go for a walk together in the park.  As they strolled along, reminiscing about their youth and laughing at old memories, they suddenly came across a group of young joggers.

The young joggers were weaving in and out of trees, jumping over benches, and sprinting up hills with impressive speed and agility.

One of the old friends turned to his companions and said with a chuckle,  "I remember when we used to run like that!"


Another friend replied, "Yes, but now we make up for it by walking slowly and stopping to smell the roses along the way."


As they continued on their leisurely walk, the old friends couldn't help but feel grateful for the chance to spend time together and enjoy each other's company, even if they weren't quite as spry as they used to be.  And who needs to run like a young jogger, when we can walk with good friends and share a good laugh instead? 

               Free Pic                                                                                                                                           Free Pic




Make it a date - Join Sue and Ros on their Walks and Ambles - and maybe you too can take time to smell the roses.


       Pinterest                                 Pinterest                           Pinterest                         Pinterest                  Thin Lines



On the 14th March, the heatwave was over, the rain didn't arrive,in fact, the weather was just right for the 11 of our members to enjoy a lovely walk to Finns Reserve and area.  This is a pretty walk following the Mullum Mullum creek, the Yarra and some pretty parkland.  Along the way, we ventured into Wombat Bend play area, not necessarily just for kids.  As you can see in one of the photos, some of our ladies enjoyed a nice swing.  We jumped along the musical bridge, wandered through the maze, then continued on to the "grown-ups" part of the walk.

We made our way back to Melissa's Cafe (same as the one some of you enjoyed breakfast at a couple of weeks ago), where we enjoyed our cuppas and chat.

Our next walk on 26th April, is Bushy Track, North Box Hill, and I look forward to seeing you there.

I saw this sign the other day: "Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There were no menus.  You will get served what you deserve."

Um!  Not sure about that one, although I know we would only be served nice coffee and delicious cakes.


                                PROBUS FRIENDS ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO HAVE FUN!!!


Our Croquet night at the Ringwood Croquet Club last Friday night was a success and lots of fun with plenty of concentration in hitting the ball correctly. It was explained to us from the Croquet Club members, that the line in the centre of the mallet is to be lined up with hitting the ball and getting it through the hoop.  We found that the ball just fits through the hoop which was a challenge on its own, but we all got the hang of the game and you could hear laughter coming from the various games.  After the games we went to the Coach Hotel in Ringwood for dinner where further discussions on Croquet were heard.  The members who attended thought we should make the Croquet night an annual event.


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