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On Tuesday, March 19th we held the Annual General Meeting of Donvale Central Probus Club.

After the passing of the Annual report the Committee Members were introduced and inducted to their positions by Geof.


                                                "FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP"

Following the meeting the members of the Club journeyed to the Cherry Hill Hotel for the President's lunch. This was enjoyed by all - lots of laughter and comradeship of Probus friends getting together.




On a perfect March evening Probus friends enjoyed once again meeting together for a chat, telling of 'tall stories', sharing nibbles and of course consuming a glass or two of wine.  The barbecue was also in use.

It was great to see two of our newer members come along to join us. 

Barbecues are fun and a great way to get to know your fellow Probus members.

Next month join us and

"Put another steak on the "Barbie"                             



       Super Coloring

                                            Nova Theatre and 'The Round'


'Oliver is a musical adaption of Charles Dickens' classic novel, Oliver Twist. The story follows a young orphan as he navigates Victorian England from workhouse, to undertaker's apprentice to pickpocketing (led by the elderly criminal Fagin) in London. He later discovers the secrets of his parentage, and reconnects with his remaining family.'


On Saturday, March 23rd 17 members of Donvale Central Probus Club thoroughly enjoyed the 'Nova' production of 'Oliver' at The Round in Nunawading.


A huge thank you to Margaret for once again organising the tickets.


On a coolish but pleasant morning on 26th March, we had 9 members join in for the walk along Bushy Track, Box Hill.  We did a U turn at the wetlands area in Elgar Park which, sadly, wasn't very "wet" and very little bird life.  I assume all due to the dry weather we have been having.

Along the way we had a photo shoot in a very loose version of what was mean't to represent a tram carriage from the days when the Box Hill - Doncaster Electric Tramway operated a regular service from October 1889 until January 1896 along Tram Road/Station Street, initially making ten return trips on weekdays averaging about 14 kilometres per hour along the 3.6 kilometre route.

Doncaster Templestowe Historical Society: Box Hill - Doncaster Electric Tram

We finished at the Middleborough Latte Cafe at Kerrimuir shops, where the owners had as much fun as we did I think.  Nice coffee and very friendly.

Our next walk is 11th April, walking along the Cootmundra Track in Blackburn where Fred and Helen have kindly invited us to call in for our morning tea. Thanks guys.

                                          "Life begins after Coffee - which comes after the walk."


Thursday was 'Craft Day'.  Several of the Probus ladies met at Mary's along with their knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Some were knitting or crocheting squares to make into rugs for the nursing home.  Others were producing their own projects.

Others were there for a chat. It was great to see some new ladies come along - men of course can also join in the

                                                    "Fun, Friendship and Fellowship".


"You've got me in stitches.  I'm at my knits end! Knitting is my happy place.  You can never have too much yarn."   Goodreads


                    HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY EASTER

Cranbourne Gardens:

We had a leisurely bus trip to the Gardens where on arrival we got into an opensided bus for 1/2 hour tour with commentary around the gardens.  The driver was very entertaining with her narrative of the different areas of the gardens. After the tour most of our group went walking along the various paths exploring the gardens including the red sand garden with the soils red just like the red centre of Australia, the casuarina grove, peppermint garden, rockpool and waterhole bridge etc.  After the exercise we had lunch in the cafe then some went walking again and others visited the gift shop before our bus ride back.



On 11th April, ready for any sort of weather, 10 members joined in for the Cootamundra walk in Blackburn.  Turns out, the weather was perfect, not a drop of rain at all.  Following the Cootamundra track we then wandered around the very pretty and leafy streets of Blackburn before making our way for a cuppa and delicious morning tea at "Ford's on Larch" Thanks to Helen and Fred for their warm hospitality.  A lovely morning was had by all.

Our next walk is 23rd April, starting at the Goldfields shops, walking alongside the Yarra River in Warrandyte.  We will have our cuppa at the end at Scrumdiddly Cafe at the shops.

Bad Day? Coffee.  Good Day? Coffee.  Stressed Day? Coffee.  Happy? Coffee Inspired? Coffee.  Coffee" Coffee. 

"Ford's on Larch? Coffee".

Friends sipping coffee, laughter in the air

Moments shared, without a care

A simple pleasure, a joyful bond

Together in friendship, hearts respond.





On 12th April, like the words to the Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch song, "The Two of Us" Ros and I joined in for what was to be an amble,but, as mentioned "There's just the two of us", so we turned it into a nice walk.  Instead of ambling at Ruffey Lake Park, we walked from the park to Melissa's cafe in Templestowe , where we enjoyed a coffee before walking back to the park.  It was raining a bit when we left home, but just like the walk yesterday, weather was perfect for walking (or Ambling). 

We took a Selfie, and not a wrinkle to be seen!!! Other photos are from near Melissa's and Ruffey Park with some beautiful birdlife along the way.

The next amble is Friday 3rd May at Ringwood Lake and we look forward to seeing a few of our regular Amblers join in

Instead of an ambling or coffee saying, Ros and I got to talking Genealogy along the way and I mentioned Box Hill Cemetery.  Weird, I know but as I sometimes pass a cemetery, I often wonder if anyone famous is buried there, so I Googled the Box Hill cemetery and, guess what!  There are a few famous people buried there.

Sir William Angliss, businessman, politician & philanthropist.

Maurice Blackman, politician and lawyer.

Edourd Borovansky, Czech- born Australian ballet dancer of Boprovansky Ballet Company fame.

Cyril P Callister, Inventor of Vegemite.

Sir George James Coles, owner of Coles Supermarkets.

C.J Dennis, Poet

Sydney Myer, founder of Myer and

James Menzies, politician and father of Sir Robert! 

Just to name a few.

That's my Trivia for the day.


Sue and Ros


         Wikipedia                                                                                                                          Wikipedia

The Titanic outing, attended by Lyn, Lorelle,Ros ,Janelle, Dot and Sandra was much enjoyed by all.  Lorelle and I "travelled 1st class" as Lady Duff Gordon aged 49 who was from London and Paris.  "We" were accompanied by husband Sir Cosmos Edmund Duff and "my" personal secretary as "I" had fashion houses in Paris, London, New York and Chicago, and thus was a very busy business "woman".  "I" was travelling to New York on urgent business.  "I' was a pioneer in fashion at the beginning of the 1900's and was the first to introduce slits in skirts for ease of movement and also coined the word "chic".

My fellow passengers, Janelle, Dot, Sandra and Lyn unfortunately, were relegated to 2nd and 3rd class.  Much to our delight we all survived the "sinking", but unfortunately Dot lost "her husband" who was also accompanying her.

  Grand Staircase                   Corridor leading to First                  3rd Class Cabins               Teapot and Cutlery found
                                                       Class Cabins                                                                               on Ocean Floor

The display of artifacts, information pre departure, the sinking, and finally the discovery of the Titanic at the bottom of the sea was very informative. Their display of the "2nd Class Corridor", "1st Class Cabin", the famous staircase, and 3rd class cabin were all spectacularly done.  This display was quite different from when Jeff and I visited"Titanic" in Belfast last year, so was well worth seeing Melbourne's recreation, and to have a particular passenger to follow their exploits was all the more interesting.  

Therefore a very good day was had by the few who did attend.


     Titanic leaving London                                                                                                                        Fellow Travellers

"The maiden voyage of the Titanic, the largest ship ever launched ended in disaster.

The Titanic sank in 1912, with over 1,500 people losing their lives."

                                                           Excerpt  - The Guardian - This article is more than 112 years old


First time bowler Lorraine joined us this month.  She was so unsure on how she would do, but as it turned out she got her stride in the 2nd game and did quite well for a very first time Ten Pin Bowler.  We may therefore see her again bowling.

Fun was had by all, Ros, Jeff, Jan and Ralph, Janelle, as well as Lorriaine.



                                                    WOW!  It was just like the old days.  

On Tuesday 23rd April, we had 15 walkers, including two non-Probus Visitors, enjoy the Warrandyte riverside walk on what was a beautiful sunny autumn morning.  Even though we haven't had a lot of rain, the river was quite full, flowing fast and looking very beautiful. We do know how lucky we are, don't we?

A couple of our lads declared themselves with their T-shirts, just letting the rest know where they're coming from.

We started from the Goldfields shops, resting halfway near the bridge and exercise equipment. As the photos show, some got riight into the exercise part!  We  headed back to the Scrumdiddly Cafe, where much chatter and fun was enjoyed by all.  Thanks everyone, it was a great day.

Just before I go - Jun G - where were you?  We hung around for a bit, but had to go.  Next time June! June will understand!

Now:  Scrumdiddly: (originally U.S. 1942) - Extremely scrumptious:  excellent, splendid: (esp. of food) Delicious.

                       Scruimdiddliumptious: 1962 Walt Disney's happiest twosome
                                                "The Lady and the Tramp"


We had nine- yes, you read that right - 9 on our amble on Friday 3rd May, and what a wonderful morning we had.  Our new member Coral, with pretty pink hair joined in and we know we'll see you again Coral. Welcome.

It was a very chilly start but by the time we had ambled and sat down for our cuppa the sun was out and very pleasant.  We had quite a banquet for our morning tea this time.  Thanks to Carol, we enjoyed some cakes to celebrate two birthday girls,  Maureen and Wendy and thanks to Maureen for sharing some of her birthday chocolates with us.

We spent some time viewing the historical mining area ( see photos of the old mine shaft and miner getting ready to go down).  They were mining Antimony which was discovered at Anderson's Creek, Warrandyte 1864 and in Ringwood 1869 (North Melbourne Football Club was formed too!!!) whilst road metal was being extracted. The Ringwood Antimony Mining Company was the first mine to operate and continued under several changes of ownership and name until 1894.  A part-owner of the mine was Dr Anthony Brownless, Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.  An attempt to recommence antimony mining at Ringwood in 1920 was unsucessful.

Also, there is a small War Memorial area with the attached photo of a Pine tree which was propagated from the tree at the War Memorial in Canberra.  Lance Corporal Benjamin Charles Smith of the 3rd Battalion sent back several cones from the Lone Pine to his mother in remembrance of his brother Mark.  In 1990, two trees were taken back to Gallipoli by war veterans who attended the memorial service that marked the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Lone Pine Ridge.

                             We look forward to seeing you at our next Amble 7th June at Halliday Park, Mitcham.


                             THEN AND NOW

"The Old England Hotel complex is of local architectural and historic significance. The origonal section is the second oldest building in Heidleberg and one of the oldest buildings in Victoria.  It may be the oldest functioning hotel in the State of Victoria. The hotel was also associated with the Heidleberg Impressionist school of painters."

Victorian Heritage

On Thursday, May 9th 35 members of Probus travelled from Donvale to meet for lunch at this iconic hotel. The bistro offers an extensive menu and all enjoyed their choice of food. 

A huge thank you to our Social Committee for once

again organising a great outing where there was lots of friendship and chatter amongst our Probus members.


On the 9th May, we had a baker's dozen join in for our walk from Petty's Orchard along the Yarra River Trail, as always, very pretty, to Tikalara Reserve, meaning "Spirit of Peace" and returning to the Cafe at the Orchard for our much earned cuppa and chat with a few chocolates thrown in for Mother's day. (I hope all our ladies have a delightful day and try not to work too hard.)

The weather was mild and the track was busy.  We spotted quite a few kangaroos on the hill ( my team in training for the weekend I hope), were passed by a convoy of very friendly motor cycle police; smaller motor bikes, maybe in training, lots of cyclists and another large walking group.  It was quite a social day really.  




The Cafe was busy, but we were served some very nice coffees, while Pauline enjoyed a delicious lemon muffin, and my hubby some banana bread.  The magpies were a wake up to this and were hovering for some crumbs.

Our next walk is the Koonung Trail, East Doncaster on Tuesday 28th May and I look forward to seeing you there.

Umm, Kangaroos and Magpies - they play in June,

                     Go the Roos!!


Nothing to do on a Saturday morning why not join your fellow Probians for "Morning Coffee at The Pines".  We meet in the food court on the 2nd Saturday morning of the month at 10am. 

AI Generated:

The Probus members gathered at their usual spot at The Pines , each with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. As they sipped their coffee and chatted about their week, the bond between them grew stonger with each passing minute. They laughed, they reminisced, and they supported each other through the ups and downs of life.

Despite their different backgrounds and experiences, the members of Probus found common ground in their love for good conversation and great company.  As they exchanged stories and shared wisdom, the cafe buzzed with warmth and camaraderie.

In that moment, surrounded by friends who felt like family, the Probus members knew that they were exactly where they belonged.  And as they raised their cups in a toast to friendship, they were grateful for the joy and comfort that this special group had brought into their lives.

Thank you Pat for providing the yummy chocolates to celebrate Mother's Day

                  HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY

In 2006 Doncaster Rotary held a meeting at the Doncaster East Baptist Church Hall to form 3 new Probus Clubs in Doncaster. One of the new clubs formed was Donvale Central with 38 foundation members. A committee of 6 was formed and David Taylor became our first President.  The Club flourished and by November Membership had reached 78.

    Foundation Committee - 2006


Once a group of 'Oldie's thought they'd like to socialize

They gathered together at the Baptist Church Hall;

With the help of the Rotary they formed our first Committee

We started the Probus group that welcomes us all.

Chorus:  Donvale Central, Donvale Central,

               Donvale Central, the Probus Club for me

               And we chat and laugh and enjoy each others company

               Donvale Central is the Probus Club for me.

First verse of the Club Song written by Jan Altman (Club History)

On the 21st May we celebrated our 18th Birthday at the Baptist Church Hall.  The minutes of the first meeting were read out and the foundation members were asked to stand. Past Presidents gathered for a photo shoot before we partook of the Birthday Lunch.



Crafty ladies meet on the third Thursday of each month. Come along and join in - knit, crochet or just come along for a chat.

Click the needles and enjoy lots of fun, friendship and fellowship with your fellow Probians.


On the 28th May, we had 6 walkers (as you can see from the attached photos, we were just a small shadow of our usual group - our numbers have been up to around 14).  Some or our regulars walkers are off enjoying wonderful holidays - Queensland, tripping around Australia and Norway & Iceland no less.  We hope they are all having amazing holidays.  We had one sickie too - hope you're feeling better soon Pauline.

There is a small wetlands area along the way and it was rife with lots of ducks and birdlife - good to see as a few of the wetlands are not looking so wet lately.  Maybe we do need some rain - just not on our walk days.

Our next walk is the Koonung Trail Pt 2 East Doncaster on Thursday 13th June, and I look forward to seeing you there.

                     "Don't count on the days, make the days count!"  Muhammad Ali, 18942 - 2016


What a bevy of beauty we had for our Amble on Friday 10th June.  Ten lovely ladies joined in for a very pleasant stroll around one of our regular venues, Halliday Park.  it was a bit chilly but we were dressed for the occasion and the company is always very warm and friendly.  The park, as usual, was looking nice with all its trees and garden beds.

The only downside to having so many is we couldn't all sit together for our cuppa and chat, but, we can work with that.

Our next amble is 5th July meeting bottom of Stiggants Rd, Warrandyte, where we will have a pleasant amble alongside the wonderful Yarra River.  We hope to see you there.

This weekend is the Tenth Anniversary of 'The Big Freeze' at the MCG.  I will be wearing my Beanie while watching on TV. 

This year's Beanie is beautiful and has a badge with the words of Neale Danniher.

"It's not what you say ...It's what you do"

What an inspiration Neale is to everyone.

Sue and Ros


And so Winter has arrived!!  We had 9, I would say brave souls join in for the Koonung Trail Pt 2 on the 13th June,'24.  As you can see by the photos, it was definitely an "umbrellas up" kind of day.  It was a pity too that the track was quite muddy and wet in parts, but still a very enjoyable walk.

This part of the walk is along the Freeway/Koonung Creek Trail where the locals have gone above and beyond with a lovely garden area between Blackburn and Springvale Rd.  I think a lot of it was started during our Covid lockdowns and has continued to be maintained.  There are lots of pretty plants, garden gnomes and other garden bits.  One sign said "Please do not steal plants from this forest. BUY YOUR OWN!!! Bad Karma!"  It is sad that this would happen.

After our walk we made our way to the "IKOI Cafe" in Tuntsall Square where we were greeted with warmth - we could dry out - friendly service with nice coffees.  Thank you all for joining in.

"IKOI" which means "rest" in Japanese, is a product for a relaxing moment that can be used in a few different ways.  It functions not only as a bench where a few people can sit on momentarily, but also an occasional bed with a pillow for a quest.

We did enjoy a relaxing hour or so while sitting and enjoying our coffees.  The bed and pillow wasn't on offer - maybe next time.

Our next walk is Tuesday, 25th June, at Eltham Park having our coffee halfway at Teapot Cafe.  I look forward to seeing you there and here's hoping - no rain.

              Forward to Gallery 3

Fun, Friendship and Fellowship
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