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Ten Old Jokers of Donvale Central Probus Club enjoying lunch at the Doncaster Hotel. Hope they share some of the jokes at the next meeting.



Once again,on Friday 1st September, we had 5 ladies enjoy a leisurely amble at Halliday Park.  This is definitely a favourite spot for ambling. The weather was a bit chilly, but with jackets, beanies and a brolly - just in case- we did two laps of the park before settling in at a picnic table for our extended cuppa and chat.

Our next amble is 10am Friday, 6th October, once again at Halliday park, and Ros and I look forward to seeing you there.

I saw a sign the other day : "He who limps is still walking!" And really, that is what our ambles are for.  So do think about joining in, we do amble and can amble very slowly if needed, you can stop whenever you like and there is always the cuppa and goodies to munch on while we solve the problems of the world afterwards.


IMG_2323 2.JPG

So, it seems like summer is here!  We had 10 join in for our walk alongside the Yarra in Warrandyte, Thursday, 14th September.  It was quite warm, but, very enjoyable.  I think that's as hot as we need it to get though while out walking.

I'm sure it was about a week go that "Jane" was giving us snow reports and telling the skiers how much snow the skiers had to look forward too.  Going by how full the river was today, and flowing quite fast in parts, I think that the snow must be melting.

After our walk, we retired to Stonehouse Cafe for  much earned cuppa, even an iced coffee or two.  Oh, and don't forget the cake (check the photos).  The vanilla slice looked very yummy Jan and Ralph!!

I look forward to seeing you on our next walk, starting at Elgar Park, Tuesday, 26th September.  (School holidays.  Grandkids are welcome, I'll have one)

"The longest journey begins with a single step, and we ALWAYS finish at the Cafe." Waiting for us there is our cuppa and sometimes cake.

 "Good coffee is a pleasure. Good friends are a treasure."

Come walking wiht us and get both.



Photos from Australian Synchrotron page on Google

Monday 18th September saw a group from Donvale Central Probus joined by a couple from Donvale Hill Probus Club and several other quests enjoy a 90-minute tour of the amazing Australian Synchrotron at Clayton near Monash University. Guided by our enthusuastic guide Corey, we walked around the immence installation set up in early Y2000's by the Australian Government to carry our original research by local physicists and chemists, as well as industrial chemical companies.  The Australian Synchrotron is one of only ten such facilities in the world.  Some of the details regarding how they accelerate ecectrons and utilize the magnetic radiation were a little difficult to follow, but the excursion was still well worthwhile. Good to see that "pure science" in Australia is alive and well.



After our regular monthly meeting attended by 70+ members and 5 quests, thirty of us headed off for a great luncheon in the Boardroom of the Blackburn Hotel, welcoming back those members who had been lucky enough to holiday in Northern Australia and in some cases overseas.  


Great to catch up!




RAAF Museum is the official museum of the Royal Australian Airforce, the second oldest airforce in the world, located at RAAF WILliams Point Cook, Victoria, Australia which is the oldest continuously operating Military Air Base in the world.


                        RAAF MUSEUM - VISIT WERRIBEE

We had 20 members plus3 from Donvale Tunstall who attended the museum. All had a great time seeing old WW1 and WW2 planes and other equipment from that time. Our trip started at the pick-up at Rieschiecks Reserve at 9.30 am and our bus driver Greg drove very steady along the way.

At Point Cook RAAF Museum we were met by our Guide Norm who showed us various aspects of the museum planes, uniforms and equipment all well preserved. We were fortunate enough to see a spectacular fly pass by a Mustang and P21 WW2 fighter planes. The Mustang landed, taxied up, the pilot got out and answered questions from the large crowd in attendance.

We then went to Brooks hotel at Point Cook for lunch and to talk and relax after such a busy time. Our hostesses Fran and Clair made us most welcome and served good food and beverages.

Our bus driver Greg was very patient as he drove us back to Rieschiecks Reserve. There was very heavy traffic over the West Gate Bridge because of major road works.

All back home safe at 4.30pm, from a great day out.



We had 14 folk attend our film "Big Fat Greek Wedding" on Tuesday 26th September. A most enjoyable day out, lovely film, lots of laughs and a very nice lunch at 'The Groove Train' after the film.





Firstly, I would like to thank Ros and Jeff for leading 10 happy walkers along the Koonung Trail, Elgar Park to Greythorn on 26th September. (I have now joined the 99% of folk who have succumbed to the dreaded "covid" so was unable to join in).

I know the weather was perfect for them, and I know it is a very pretty walk, and I heard the Cafe (Mr Tunaki, a new one for us) was friendly and welcoming, so what more could one wish for.  Once again, thanks Ros and Jeff.

I'm not sure if the group passed the seat with the attached plaque on it (I took the photo when I was checking out the walk a while ago). It reads "Minette Russell-Young 1926-2002.  A visionary woman whose commitment to the natural environments was the driving force in the revegetation of this parkland".  See also, the sign regarding the "Tree planting programme".  There is a bit of action going on!

Our next walk is Banksia Park on Thursday, 13th October, and please, please let the Cherry Blossoms be in bloom.  I hope to be there?.  And I look forward to seeing you too.

"I love days when my only problem is .....Tea or Coffee!"


Book discussed: "Wish you were here" by Jodi Picoult.  A good discussion was conducted by all members present. The total score for the book by the members was 57/80.

The next meeting date has been changed as it coincided with the visit to the State Library.  Our next meeting will now be held on Tuesday 31st October 2023.

The next book to be read and discussed is "Oh William" by Elizabeth Strout.





On Friday 6th October, we had our 5 regular ladies (1 missing) join in for our amble at Halliday park Mitcham.  It was definiutely coat weather and brollies were needed, just in case. We managed to get our two laps of the park in before retiring to have our cuppa and chat.  The rain held off long enough for us to solve a few problems of the world, then, it was time to pack up and ship out.

Our next amble is Friday 3rd November, again at Halliday Park.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Take a break for tea and cake! We always do after our amble, please join us.


            William Angliss Experience Day

We had 22 members including 2 of our new members attend the William Angliss lunch which was held in the Bistro.  There were 3 courses with choices within each course and everyone seemed to enjoy their meal.  The staff were 1st to 3rd year students, friendly and tried hard to do the right thing with their supervisor watching.  A lovely way to enjoy a  Friday lunch and will consider again for next year.



Banksia Park and the Cherry Blossoms.  This walk is DOOMED!!! So, Cherry Blossom time in 2021 we were not allowed to walk - lockdown. 2022, part of my report mentions "floods and torrential rain and stay at home if you can" and we did. (that just happened to be October 13th too.)

So, move forward to October 12th 2023, and what did we get - heavy and lots of rain.  After several phone calls and messages most folk bailed out, but 5 determined members decided we can start with coffee at the Cafe and see what happens.  We get to Heidi Kitchen cafe at 9.40am to be told they don't open until 10am but come in and take a seat. We were invited to join in the Tai Chi class at the Cafe but kindly declined their offer.  Finally getting our cuppas at 10, we stayed for a long and interesting chat - still raining- so we decided to take a wander in the Heidi Modern Art Gallery.

( Residents of Manninbgham can get in for free - we just had to show our IDs.)  Not sure what I can say about that, not everyone's cup of tea really, but interesting to see what is classed as Art.

Now the rain has very slightly eased off, so into our cars to drive to the car park near the Cherry Blossoms, umbrellas up and a wander down the track to the blossoms, took a few photos, umbrellas down, and headed for home.  The notice says "Cherry Blossoms in October" but Melbourne weather is not going along with that.  Next year, last Tuesday in September, we will once again, try the Banksia Park Cherry Blossom walk.

P.S. I decided to go and check out the general area on Wednesday 11th, to make sure the track was ok, if the blossoms were still blooming and work out Plan B in case, as the weather bureau predicted rain.  Wednesday was warm, sunny, blue skies, lots of folk taking in the scene, so I took some photos.  Attached to this report are some before and after photos.

Our next walk is 24th October, meeting at Jells Park (where the Cherry Blossoms were first planted only to be moved to Banksia Park?) I look forward to seeing you there.

"A coffee a day keeps grumpy away", especially when it is raining on our parade.

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