Micawber Tavern, Belgrave

The day started a little warmer and brighter than earlier in the week as 32 Donvale Central Probus members car shared to Belgrave to have our 'Christmas in July' lunch at Macawber Tavern in the lush ferny ranges.  A beautiful logged fire welcomed us in the mock Tudor interior along with tapestries lining the walls, and Christmas accessories.  The tables were decorated with Christmas crackers, lollies and little 'pudding chocolates'.  Champagne, wines and beers were soon being enjoyed while the raffle was being drawn, first ticket out was drawn by find it was her own ticket.  Wilma, red faced, assured us all it was 'not fixed' !!!  Our entree was then served.  When dishes were cleared, out came the 'Trivia' with a focus on Christmas.  Much amusement was caused by some of the answers given, and only one question defeated us all.  Lunch was on 'an alternative' basis as was dessert. Excellent value with coffee/tea included, and delightful staff.  We left after 3.30pm having had a good chatter and a few laughs along the way.  We all went on our way home a lot warmer and well fed.

Thanks to Wilma and Barbara.


                                 Probus Spring Barbecue

Sue's Walk Report:

First of all, I would like to thank Bernie for leading the way on our last walk while I was in sunny Queensland. Listening to the weather forecast for our walk on the 8th August, I wasn't expecting that there would be a walk; wind, rain, hail etc. was supposed to be coming, but we had chilly, sunny and a little bit windy weather, and 7 chirpy walkers enjoyed a nice walk along the Cootamundra track and out and about the streets of Blackburn/Nunawading.  This is a lovely walk, pretty bushland along the track, and lots of lovely, cottage type houses and pretty gardens, at this time of year full of camellias, azaleas and magnolias. We only had the map out once when I turned right instead of left!! We enjoyed a nice "cuppa" and chat in the warm, cosy and full of chocolates " Hahndorf Cafe" in Springfield Rd near the end of our walk. There is a group photo taken in the park just to prove it wasn't all about the chocolates.  I did manage to take a couple of sneaky ones of our group walking in bushland though, just to prove we did walk!!!

Our next walk is Artist's Park, Box Hill to Gardiners Creek Burwood, and we look forward to seeing you join in.

I have been doing my coffee thoughts for a while, and more recently added tea sayings for our tea lovers, but I have been thinking "what goes good with coffee and tea" - cake of course, so --

Sue's Coffee thought for the day: "PROCAFFINATION" (Noun) "The tendency not to start anything until you've had your first cup of coffee"

And, for our tea lovers: "Tea's proper use is to amuse the idle, relax the studious, and dilute the full meals of those who cannot use exercise, and will not use abstinence".  Now for the cake lovers: "Cakes are special! Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember!  It's all about the memories."

Craft Group:

Thank you to all the ladies who so generously volunteered their time to help out with our project for The Olivia Newton-John Foundation.  We have had hundreds of squares knitted that inspired and energised our group with a target for 2019.  We have many more squares ready to be assembled into beautiful rugs.  So keep knitting and we'll keep assembling.

Yvonne on behalf of Mary, Marg and Lucy

Our industrious Craft ladies

Crazy Whist:

Sixteen players enjoyed Crazy Whist 0n 22/8/19, with plenty of chocolates to  keep them sweet.  Our worthy winner was Cynthia and Don fought off the challengers to be tail-ender. Both received a bottle of wine donated by one of our players.  Thank you!  There was a lucky draw for even more chocolates won by Bernice and Ron.

Come and join in the fun at our next game on the Thursday after our September meeting, 19/9/19.  if you know how to play the card game 500, Crazy Whist is very similar but with a few crazy twists.

Jan (Convenor)

Dinner at the Living Room:

Dining out with our Probus friends. 

   Fun, Friendship and


Sue's Walk Report:

We have been lucky with the weather for our walks, and Tuesday 27th August was no exception.  We had 8 members and 1 visitor walk from Artist's Park Box Hill to Gardiners Creek, having our cuppa halfway at "Cafe Aya" at Deakin Campas.  This is always a nice walk, with a couple of challenging hills, but a nice bit of sun on your back seems to make a difference.  Artist's Park itself is a site in Box Hill where a group of artists, later known as the Heidelberg School set up camp. In the summer of 1885/86, Tom Roberts and Frederick McCubbin set up a tent on the site, now Gardiners Creek.  Over the next few years other artists would join them including Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder, Jane Sutherland to name a few. Just a little look at the history of Box Hill.

Our next walk is part of the Anniversary Trail on Thursday 12th September, hope you can join us.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day:  "Coffee with friends is like capturing happiness in a cup"

And for our tea lovers: "There is no trouble so great and grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea".

Now to the cake!!  "I drink skinny cappuccino so I can eat regular cake"

Craft Group:

Ladies a huge thank you for all your help in the Craft Groups project for the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre.  We have completed 18 rugs of many varied designs, patterns and colours.  We still have a pile of large squares ready to be assembled or sent directly to ONJ to mix with other donations.  We still have some wool left although not multiples of the same colour, if you would like to continue to knit large squares of 40 stitches.

Alas, we don't have any money left to buy more wool but if you have any spare half to full balls of 8 ply acrylic we would be happy to receive them.


Thanking everyone who worked so hard to help the project.  I hope you recognised your squares.  

Well done.

Yvonne on behalf of Lucy, Mary and Marg

         Yering Meadows

Sue's Walk Report:

Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.  That is what we had for our walk along Anniversary Trail on the 12th September.  6 members and 1 visitor (my hubby) were a bit unsure as we met - coats or no coats, umbrellas, no umbrellas!  We went with the coats and brollies, but they were soon removed as we walked along in what turned out to be a beautiful day.  This is one of my favourite walks, tranquil and very pretty.  We stopped halfway at Cafe Elle where our "cuppas" were served by very friendly and sometimes singing Cafe owner.  All in all, a good morning with some great people.

Our next walk is the Bolin Bolin Billabong and Bulleen Park Bush Bash, Tuesday 24th September; hope you can join in.  

School holidays, grandkids welcome.

Sue's coffee thought for the day:  "I Googled my symptons! Turned out I just needed more coffee."

and, for our tea lovers:  "Got 5 for a tea and a chat?"

Now to the cake!! "Why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow and spit on and everyone rushes to get a piece?"

Crazy Whist:

A chatty group of players turned up for our Footy Finals Fever themed Crazy Whist on Thursday 19/9/19. There were generous bonus points for those who chose to play with skill, and Lyn W. certainly took advantage of those extras and won easily with 122 points.  Her Carlton team would be very proud of her, especially as she has been a Carlton member for 70 years and has a badge to prove it.  We had 2 new players,  Audette and Kaye and they battled it out to the final siren to draw for the tailenders prize.  The pick of the lowest card was won by Audette so she took home the voucher for Evangelinas Coffee Shop.  We are looking forward to our next game on 17/10/19.

Jan (Convenor)


76 members attended the annual Spring Lunch at the Church following our Club's September General Meeting.

The "chat and chew" was a most enjoyable and harmonious gathering with diners treated to a two course menu consisting of chicken, sausages and salads (Mains) as well as fruit salad, cakes and pastries (Desert). Wine and juice complemented the meal.

The two Raffle prizes were won by Kaye and Wendy respectively.

Special thanks to Jan for her wonderful catering.  There certainly was enough food to "go around" - indeed twice in some cases.

Thanks, too, to the members who set up the tables etc the day before.  This made the organisation of the function itself so much easier.

Likewise, acknowledgements to the Hall 'cleaner - uppers' and the kitchen personnel, including the dishwasher packers, whose work sometimes goes unheralded.

All in all, another two hours of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship.

Michael M

Sue's Walk Report:

On the 24th September, we had 6 members (3 apologies) join in for the Bolin Bolin Billabong & Bulleen Park walk. This 

is one of those "could be raining" walks, but not this time, chilly but a good morning for walking and it is such a pretty area.  We finished up at the Veneto Club for our much anticipated "cuppa" and chat.


"Where have all the walkers gone?"  Off to Horsham of course.  While our happy campers are enjoying themselves at Horsham, 3 ladies had a lovely morning walking around Campbell's Croft and along the Dandenong Creek Trail.  Part of this area is like being in the Dandenongs.  I will do this walk again next year so  more can join in.  We drove a short distance up the road to Dimicks Cafe for a very nice coffee and chat.

Our next walk is the Breakfast walk, breakfasting at Evangeline's in Tunstall.  Hope you can join in the main walk, shorter walk, and or Breakfast on the 22nd October.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day:  "It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who genuinely have a medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity."

And, for our tea lovers: "There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life." 

Now for the cke lovers: "Where there is cake there is hope.  And, there is always cake!"

Forward to Gallery 4

Christmas Lunch - Ballara Receptions

Families and Christmas ..... Families at Christmas!  I bet we've all got at least one story to relate on these fronts ...some good ...some bad ...but noteworthy just the same.

Anyway, it was great to see 103 members of our Donvale Central 'family' attend our annual Christmas Lunch at the beautiful Bellara reception centre in Eltham on 6 December.  Always happy times here!  despite the hot day, everyone was in good spirits and the congeniality was conviviality ensured the success of our final function for 2018.

After a cordial welcome and Christmas message from President Bob, we alll tucked into a most filling meal - Chicken salad (Entree): Traditional Christmas medley of succulent meats, crackling, vegetables and sauces (main course); Plum pudding and Ice cream (Dessert).  Who could ask for more?  Maybe some guests did!

For the second year running - by popular request - Stewart Brownley returned to entertain us with his music and repartee.  On this occasion, he treated us to the score which included 'Hello Dolly', Candy Man', 'Annie's Song', 'When I'm 64', 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas', 'Tomorrow' and 'All I Want for Christmas is You'.  Even the Russian composer, Shostakovic, made the playlist.

Furthermore, Stewart's versality with his range of instruments - Alto / Tenor / Soprano saxophones: Clarinet and Flute - was a feature of his performance.

Having played in 'Aladdin' and 'The Wizard of Oz' during the year, he is now on the lookout to further expanding his live theatre CV in the new year.  We certainly wish him well in all his future music pursuits.

The day was completed by the arrival of Santa who, even with the aid of a walking stick, carried out his duties diligently and with his usual cheekiness.

In conclusion, we thanked Ian, Annette, Robyn, Wilma and Loris, amongst others, for their organisation of the day and to Marg B. and Carole W. for arranging the chocolates 'give-aways'.

We can now look forward to returning to the same 3095 postcode next December for another enjoyable and sociable Yuletide 'chat and chew'.

Michael M

Sue's Walk Report:

I can't recall that we have had to cancel a walk this year due to bad weather, but our last walk on the 13th December was.  It was quite wet in the morning and storms were predicted during the day, so , as we expected, the calls started coming in. In the end, 7 of us met at the new Stadium Cafe in Donvale, which was to be our cafe of choice anyway, where we enjoyed a nice coffee with lovely company.  Thanks to those who were able to make it.  I would once again like to thank all our walkers for joining in during the year, and making my "job" a fun one,  and wish all at our club a very Happy and Safe Christmas, and look forward to seeing you all again in 2019.

Sue's last Coffee thought for the year:

                                             Coffee keeps me going until it is acceptable to drink wine

Maureen's Last Amble for 2018:

This is becoming quite an event on the Probus calendar, and one to consider attending next year.  9 members had a lovely stroll around Maranoa gardens, which is always a nice place to be, then we headed back to "Chez Maureen's" where the scrumptious sandwiches, yummy cakes and delightful fruit platter were washed down with some O.J., soft drink, water, oh, and did I mention Champagne!!!, followed by a cuppa.

Thank you Maureen for organising the Ambles during the year and our final Christmas feast - always a fun day out.  New members should give it a try next year - a great way to get to know each other.

December Barbecue - Ruffey Lake:

Another great evening of "FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP".  A huge thank you to Jack and Lucy for their organisation of the barbecues. Donvale Central Probians certainly know how to have fun.

December 22nd - Morning Coffee at The Pines:

                                     A great way to end the year - having a coffee and chat with our Probus friends.

                                             Join us for coffee at 'The Pines" on January 12th, 2019


Looking forward to

               "FUN,FRIENDSHIP and FELLOWSHIP"                                                             in 2019

Fun, Friendship and Fellowship