Yes, a small group of us (20) found our way to Horsham in Victoria's Wimmera region for a fantastic 5 days of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship, thanks to Lyn and Jan who once again organised a wonderful fun filled adventure into country Victoria for us all.

Our days were filled with education, inspiration, adventure and after 5.30 pm the rich rewards of a good day's "work" 

i.e happy hour(s)!! lots of laughs, some stories/jokes, nibbles and drinks.

DAY ONE saw us arrive and settle in followed by happy hour (s) and dinner in the Marquee which were compliments of our caravan hosts.


DAY TWO We set off for a drive to Mt Arapiles in the a.m. which involved a short climb up to the Telstra Tower Lookout.  This provided views to the north (Horsham Wind Farm), east to the Grampians Mountains and west (Little Desert N.P and Mitre Rock) for many miles to see the vivid yellow Canola crops, excellent Wheat crops, flowering Faba beans (these look just like Broad Beans), Lentils and Soya Beans.  Sorry to any crops I've missed!!


P.M. Day two included golf at Horsham Golf Club (a very good course) for a few and a visit to a Goat Farm at Drung Drung for others where an education into the life of a goat together with some "goaty products" were to be had.

Probus Horsham Goats.jpg
Probus Horsham goats 3.jpg
Probus Horsham goats 2.jpg

DAY THREE Today was possibly a highlight of the trip with a drive through the Wimmera to view some of the regions old wheat silos that have been beautifully painted to depict local farming identiities young and old at places like Rupanyup, Dimboola, Brim, Sheeps Hills, Lascelles, Patchewollock etc, etc, etc (don't you love the old names)


DAY 4 was an interesting adventure into the past. A tour of the Stick Shed at Murtoa, a 1940's two-hectare (5 Acre) 265m long by 60m wide and a 19m high (mountain ash poles) structure clad in corrugated iron which in 1943 held 92,500 tons of FAQ wheat.  The building is heritage listed being the only one left of 22 similiar structures built throughout Australia in the 1940's.  A must see for anyone interested in amazing engineering feats.

P.M took us further into the past when we lunched at and wandered through, around and over several acres of sheds at Woods Brother's Farm and Vintage Museum at Rupanyup.  The brothers were farmers who collected anything and everything old - yes everything!! Just ask anyone who has been there.


DAY 5 Last day of leisure.  Drive home.

The accompanying photos really do tell the story of treasures that our State/Country holds which we often miss as we pass through our country towns or just bypass them.


Thanks again to Lyn and Jan for availing us of the opportunity to "stop and smell the roses" (in the country) for a few days in the company of great Probus friends.

Trish and Brian

Probus Friendship Golf Day:

Box Hill Golf Club again played host to the Probus Friendship Golf Day.  The weather was perfect for golf and a number of teams from many different Probus clubs enjoyed a game of Ambrose.  This is a social game where each member of the team hits their ball from the same spot and the next shot is chosen from the best of those hits, so a team has 4 chances to hit a good shot.  Fortunately with Geoff Smith's home club advantage and with his and Brian Licence's long hits,  Ralph and I were able to cruise along and contribute only when needed.  Our team must have done alright though as at no time did we have more than a 5 on any hole and we managed to win the mixed competition with a net score of 62.4.

Many thanks to Geoff for entering our team and to the sponsers and organizers of the day.


20191014_100502_resized (1).jpg

Crazy Whist:

We had our biggest win ever at our Crazy Whist game.  Our newest member, Audette, came along for her first game in September and was a little embarrassed at winning the "Tail Ender prize", but this month she really bolted from the blocks, winning with a huge score of 132.  Audette left our second place getter, Allan, miles behind with his very good score of 122.  Now for the Tail Ender who was Fred this month with a score of 78, just pipping Lyn with her score of 82.  Players know that it requires just as much skill to win as it does to be the biggest loser.  Joan Akins was a new player this month, so come along and enjoy some fun and friendship while exercising the brain.  

Our last game for the year is on Thursday, 21st November.  See you then.


Sue's Walk Report:


On the 22nd October we had our Breakfast Walk!!  Meeting at 8.15 am (thanks everyone for joining us so early) we had 14 enjoy a nice walk through the park and along part of the Koonung/Freeway trail, before heading back to "Evangeline's Cafe" where another 6 members were waiting to join in for Breakfast.  With plenty to choose from on the menu and good service from the staff, a lovely morning was enjoyed by all.  I must admit, it was a bit hard getting up so early, but the weather was perfect for an early walk and the company was exceptional.  Thank you to everyone for joining in and making this such a great morning.

Our next walk is on the 14th November, meeting at Petty's Orchard, walking along the river towards Eltham returning to have our "cuppa" at the Orchard Cafe.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day: "Life happens. Coffee helps."

And for our tea lovers: "Have tea and let it be"

Now for the cake lovers: "A balanced diet is having a cupcake in each hand."




The afternoon of our first Daylight Saving BBQ on Wednesday,23 October, was quite hot weather and 17 members arrived at Ruffey Lake Park to enjoy company and camaraderie.  Meats were cooked, salads appeared, drinks at the ready, and a most pleasant time was had.

Bernie and Barbara


      River's Nursery


27 members attended to enjoy a talk by staff member David, about different plants and gardening in general. This was followed by an excellent lunch with hostess, Fiona.

We then left to wander around the Nursery and Gift Shop or to feed the ducks if you wanted.

A great day for all.



Yarra Valley Oaks Day


November Ruffey Lake Barbecue

Even on a chilly November evening our Probus barbecues are always fun. 

"Brr!! It's cold"


" Come on Jack, you

   can't holiday in          Queensland                forever" 




Our visit to Monsalvat was very interesting as Bob (who is a volunteer there) guided us through the many buildings and explained to us the history of Monsalvat. 

This great tour was followed by lunch at Lower Plenty Hotel.

A very enjoyable outing.



Some of our group enjoying the many aspects of Montsalvat, led by our guide, Bob.This included the Art Gallery and the Great Hall.



Donvale Central Probus Club Pop-Up Singers


During October-November an enthusiastic group of Probus members met weekly for four sessions of singing. We enjoyed singing a number of old songs and then practised a tribute to Doris Day for presentation at the November General Meeting.  Members attending the meeting were a kind and encouraging audience as the Pop-Ups went through their repertoire. A few singers then attended Donwood Nursing Home to sing with the residents. Singing is a feel - good at any time. 


Here are a few comments collected by the members who went to 'Chat and Chew'


Great fun, knew all the songs.

Loved it. Well done.

Well done - contract available for next year.

Brilliant after so few lessons.

Bloody fantastic.

Really good.

Great choir - blokes made it.

A few of my least favourite songs, but I loved it.

An enjoyable time.

The first song was very clever and we could understand every word sung.

Great presentation by everyone, we look forward to next time.  Well done!!

Loved watching a few ladies do bump and grind.

Well done!! Pop Up Fab, loved the guys participating.

Should be our Christmas Entertainment Christmas 2020.

They were great. could have sung more Christmas carols and have a sing-a-long.


Thought they were terrific, all looked so happy and sang so well.

Congratulations to the pianist and Coordinator June


Ten Pin Bowling

10 pin bowling xmas lunch.jpg

November 21st:

Today we had 13 people attend our last bowling for the year.  We played 2 games each at Forest Hill Chase, then went to Box Hill RSL for lunch which was really enjoyed by all.  

The winners of todays bowling were - Glenda Nicol highest ladies score of 252 for 2 games and Graeme Nicol highest men's score for 2 games 278.  Audette score was 169 and Kerry had a score of 192.  They both put in a great effort.

We are all looking forward toi the start of next years bowling.


10 pin bowling champs.jpg

Crazy Whist:

16 players attended our final Crazy Whist for the year which was aptly themed "Long Hot Summer" after the dreadful conditions during the day.  Fortunately it was a very pleasant temperature by the time we were settled into our game.  The scores were much lower this time as there were some harsh penalties in this game and zero or even 1 were scored on some games!  However this did not stop our winner, Don, who came in with a great score of 91.  His closest rival was Helen with 82.  Fred was satisfied with the Tail-enders prize with a score of 64, although Lyn really wanted the prize but missed out by 2 points. Again we had lots of fun, chatter and using our brains to try to win or lose each game.

See you next year.


Crazy whist winners.jpg

Sue's Walk Report:

We had 9 walkers (1 apology) for the Petty's Orchard and Eltham Park walk on 14th November.  I did a "reminder" walk the week before and the temperature was 35' - what do they say "mad dogs and Englishmen,etc".  Our day was a bit chilly, maybe rain?? but turned out to be a perfect morning for a walk.  This is a very pretty area, where we started and finished at Petty's Orchard.  Along the way, our two gentlemen, Jack and Brian, sat and lingered longer for a chat overlooking the beautiful Yarra while the ladies continued on a bit further.  We finished with our 'cuppa" at th Orchard Cafe which was very pleasant and good service. This is a really nice walk and one we'll do again next year.


We have two more walks for the year, Koomba Park on the 26th November - a bit chilly and should and showers expected - then last one for the year, Warrandyte Riverside on the 12th December.  Look forward to seeing you there.


Sue's Coffee thought for the day:  "Coffee may not be the answer, but, it's worth a shot!" And, for our tea lovers: "All true tea lovers only like their tea strong, but like it a little bit stronger with each year that passes."

Now for the cake lovers:  "Stressed spelt backwards is desserts!"

Trivia in the Hall:


Friday 22nd November,14 members rolled up for Trivia, at the Church hall.  Lauris was the Trivia Mistress.  Her questions were quirky and at time thought provoking.  We left more knowledgeable, than when we arrived.

We now know that what a "Prickle" is a collective noun for!

Watch out for the next Trivia, either at the Hall or The Pub....you'll be in for a fun evening!


Sue's Walk Report

The weather wasn't looking or sounding too good for our Koomba Park Walk on Tuesday,26th November, plus it was movie day, a good place to be on a wet and chilly day.  I needed a walk anyway, so driving to our meeting spot through some quite heavy rain, I was anticipating we would be heading stright to the coffee shop nearby.  But, the rain held off so Margaret, myself and my hubby Brian set off and had quite a pleasant morning.  Along the way, we met a couple, the fellow being one of Brian's bike riding mates, so they joined in "our" group and had coffee with us at the Java Script Cafe at the Vermont Hospital.  This is a pretty, flat and not so long walk, with coffee halfway, so I will put this one in again for next year.

We have our last one for the year coming up soon, which is the Warrandyte Riverside on the 12th December.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Sue's Coffee & Cake thought for the day:  "Man does not live by coffee alone.  Have a Danish!"

And for the tea lovers: "Tea - the cups that cheer but not inebriate."


Donvale Bowls Night:


On Friday 29th December we gathered at the Donvale Bowls Club.  The evening sky looked gloomy, but it didn't stop the enthusiasm.  We had a practice beforehand, so we felt comfortable with the "real" game.  We got a few "ends" in and it started to rain.  We ended up back in the club house.  Ros, John, Geoff and John were declared the winners.

To fill in time we had two games of trivia.  Then the delicious meal which was catered for us by the Donvale ladies.

Thank you Carol, Peter, Graeme and your team at the Donvale Bowls Club.


























Some Action Shots


            The Winners

IMG_9782 (1).jpeg

Maureen's Amble:

A group of us went on an amble with Maureen to Maranoa Gardens and Beckett Park.


Some found the children's playground and the photo shows that no matter how old we are we can still have fun.


We then went to Maureen's village for a lovely feast of sandwiches, cakes and one for Lyn with candles ( her birthday was the previous Sunday).


It was a great fun outing, thanks to Maureen.



Sue's Walk Report:

Warrandyte Riverside Walk - our last one for the year!!  We had 10 members join in for this lovely walk along the riverside.  I'm sure we all appreciate just how beautiful this river of ours is, and is a walk I should do at least once a year.  We started at Stonehouse Cafe, walking towards Stonehouse Gallery and She Earth Shop, having a quick around at the beautiful items, making our way back to the cafe for our chat and cuppa.  Scones, jam and cream were on the menu for some, which looked delicious.  Along the way, we passed a massive gum tree that had fallen a few days earlier, so lucky no one was hurt at the time.  Because our weather has been so dry,  I feel I have to be on gum tree alert as well as snake watch.

I would like to thank everyone who has joined in our walks over the year, and look forward to sharing many happy walking hours with you all next year.  I wish everyone at our Club a very happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2020.

Our first walk for 2020 is Thursday, 13th February in Eltham, hope you can join us.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day:  "Coffee! The old school energy drink." 

And, for our tea lovers:  "The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement."

Now for our cake lovers:  "How do I like my eggs?  Umm, in a cake!"


Forward to Christmas 2019