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We had 12 join in on 23rd May for the walk from Edendale Farm heading towards Diamond Creek, returning to have our cuppa at Cafe Eden at the farm. (great place to take young grandkids in the holidays). We have been so lucky with the weather and today was no exception.  Here's hoping that the sunshine stays with us for the coming walks.

Our next walk is 8th June, starting at Mullum Mullum Stadium, walking towards Park Road and cuppa at the end at the Stadium Cafe.  Hope to see you there.

The current Edendale Farm site was originally part of a 51 acre site first purchased from the crown in 1852 by pioneer Henry Stooke.  He was a prominent citizen in the Eltham district and was actively involved in the development of infrastructure & recreational services in the area. The next owner was Thomas Cool, manager of the Victorian Coffee Palace which adjoined the Town Hall in Collins Street, Melbourne. He purchased the site in 1896 and built the homestead the same year. The property was sold many times over the years, one family being the Gaston's (hence Gastons Road). The Shire of Eltham purchased the property in1970, establishing an animal pound and small nursery. Over the years, the farm has evolved and development into the lovely outing place it is now.

Information fron

Mama knows best


On Friday, 2nd June, we had 6 lovely ladies join in the Amble at Halliday park, Mitcham.  It was a bit chilly to start, but after a couple of laps of the park, we warmed up and enjoyed some sunshine while chatting over a cuppa in this very pretty park.

Halliday Park was established by the Shire of Blackburn and Mitcham in 1938, following the purchase of the property from the estate of the late Cr. H.H. Halliday, a councillor of the Shire.  Garden beds were established and trees planted by the Council but little of this work remains, mainly due to the intervention of the War, manpower and material shortages. What remained were the plantings of oak trees - which are magnificent - around the perimeter and a ring of cypresses that once surrounded the original flagpole on the Mitcham Rd frontage.  Sadly, the cypresses were removed in 1995 after a fungus led to their deterioration.  Seedlings from these trees were later found and planted back in the area.  There is a plaque in memory of CR. Halliday on a rock in the pathway through the perrennial gardens.  The Mitcham Bowling Club was established in early 1960s.  In 1985 the carpark and playground were developed.  On Armistice day, 11th November, 1996, the new area around the War Memorial was opened, and dedicated to the men and women who served their country.  How lucky are we to have this little gem we can all enjoy.


                                 Photos from Google

Next Amble is friday, 7th July, meeting in the carpark off The Boulevard entrance, Mel. ref. 33F20.

Hope to see you there.


We had 9 brave folk turn up for our walk on Thursday, 8th June, meeting at the Mullum Mullum Stadium and walking towards Park Rd & return.  I say brave because I was lying in bed the night before listening to the rain bucketing down thinking "at least we are parked in front of the Cafe - and go straight to coffee!!"  But how lucky were we.  The rain had stopped, there was no wind, and the sun even came out as we were near the end.  So, apart from a few puddles, we had a great walk.

We very nearly made it to Park Rd too, only to be hampered by a tree that had recently come down across the path to the last and very hilly part of our walk.  Needless to say, we were devastated not to be able to tackle th hill, but we settled for a photo shoot alongside the tree just to prove we weren't being wimps.  At the end we enjoyed the extended chat and cuppa in the Mullum Mullum cafe at the Stadium.

Our next walk is the Koonung Trail, meeting in car park at Boronia Grove Reserve, Mel.Ref.47K4, having our cuppa near the end at the Open Dialogue Cafe.  Look forward to seeing you there.

No history lesson today!  Instead a couple of sayings:

"Life without Coffee is scary", and for our tea drinkers: "When your day seems topsy, turvy, and as stormy as can be, there's nothing quite as tranquil as a nice hot cup of tea!" And don't forget: "Life is too short to skip the cake".


Probus members enjoying wine, biscuits and cheese and great conversation at the June 'Happy Hour'


We had 9, including 1 grandson, for our Koonung Trail walk on Tuesday, 27th June. We have been so lucky with the weather and this was no exception.  No wind, no rain and a bit of sunshine! What more do you need for a nice walk with freinds.  We had our coffee at the warm and welcoming cafe Open Dialogue near the end.

Our next walk is Beasley's Nursery heading towards Petty's Orchard, having our cuppa, and maybe a wander, at the end at Beasley's Cafe.  I look forward to seeing you there.

No creek stories, no history lessons with this walk; just a couple of sayings.

"Good things are coming down the road! (The Cafe So don't stop walking."

"Everybody should believe in some thing.  I believe I'll have another cup of coffee."

And, of course,  "Take a break for tea and cake."


Today we held Crazy Whist during the daytime for the first time and I think it was a good idea as it was such a cold afternoon.  We had 12 players, as a number were unable to attend owing to a variety of reasons, one being the school holidays.  The meeting room warmed up quickly and we enjoyed 2 hours of good fun.  As partners, President Jeff and Pauline scored a massive 2 points on one game, which made them definite contenders for the Winner's prize. Ralph played well too with a total score of 98, putting Pauline into third place, but Jeff won with a great score of 101.  The final 2 games saw a number of players trying to lose, but sadly for Chas, who was playing for the first time, his final cards were winners, so Geoff D. was our Tailender prize with a score of 62. We all had extra chocolates to take home, so everyone was a winner!



We had 5 ladies join in for our amble at Ruffey Lake Park, Friday 7th July.  Once again, we were blessed with a pleasant morning for ambling around this very pretty lake of ours. We even had some sunshine.  After our amble we headed to a nice picnic table where we lingered longer over our cuppa and nibbles and discussed, and probably solved, some of the problems of the world along with some footy and general chit chat.

This is always a nice relaxing morning so please think about joining us, especially some of our newer members. Ros will be away for a little while, but Sue will be there to lead you up the garden path for the next couple of ambles, so I look forward to seeing you at "Halliday Park" Mitcham on Friday, 4th August, at 10am.

"Adapt the pace of nature, her secret is patience."  And we always have a cuppa sfter our amble, remember "Life happens,coffee helps!"

Sue and Ros


We had 11 join in for the Mullum Mullum trail on 13th July, and a very pleasant morning it was.  We started at Beasley's Nursery walking towards Petty's Orchard, returning to have our cuppa at Beasley's Cafe.  As you can see from the photos, not only were the  kangaroos out, the sun was out too, and the river looking beautiuful as usual.  We are truly blessed with our magnificent Yarra River.

Our next walk is Blacks Walk Blackburn on Tuesday, 25th July, and I look forward to seeing you there.


The Cafe is becoming a very important part of our walks (not that it wasn't always) and, of course, "Coffee makes everything better". And for our tea drinkers, "A cup of tea is like having a bath on the inside".  We do occasionally enjoy a piece of cake or a muffin. 

I was wondering,"If I take a batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, but eat them before anyone else sees them, did they still exist?"



On a lovely winter's day in Melbourne, where else would you want to be than Bucatini Restaurant & Bar, Mitcham enjoying a "Christmas in July" lunch with our wonderful Probus Club.  On behalf of the 44 mmbers who attended, I would like to thank Lyn for organising this outing for us.  Well done Lyn, I know everyone enjoyed themselves.

The function room was set up nicely, and I know the members on our table were enjoying the vision of some wonderful scenery that was displayed on the TV screen.  I'm sure a lot of our members may have visited some of these fascinating places.

The food was delicious, washed down with a glass or two of wine.  Our lovely ladies were dressed for the occasion with lots of Christmas adornments, and the fellows scrubbed up pretty good too.  Looking around, I could see there was a lot of chatter and frivolity going on, and it was nice to see some of our new members joining in.

All in all, another great Probus event full of fun, friendship and fellowship.  Once again, thanks Lyn.




On the 25th July we had 13 join in for "Blacks Walk" in Blackburn.  This is a very pretty walk, leaving the main track and wandering through the leafy streets of the Bellbird area while making our way to Gourmet Girl Cafe for a 'linger longer" coffee stop, before making our way back to the cars. This is a great little Cafe nestled behind the Laburnum Station.  Along the way we passed a fantastic hut, I assume made by the neighbourhood kids (photo attached).  We were "welcomed to Linum Street" which is a National Trust classified Street, with Advisory speed 30 km/h.

Europeans first settled the area of Blackburn in the 1841s and is possibly named after James Blackburn who designed Yan Yean Reservoir.  The area was densely wooded through orchards and small farms were soon developed.  In 1861 the Traveller's Rest Hotel was built on the current site of the Blackburn Hotel, and Blackburn Creek Post Office opened on 10 January 1876, renamed Blackburn in 1883.  During the land boom of the 1880, brickworks and quarries were established in the area.  Blackburn railway station was built in 1882 and a Prmary school was established in 1889.  One of the photos of our group was taken under a magnificent English oak tree which is said to be between 100 to 120 years old.  (Info. taken from Wikipedia.

             Blackburn Road (1912)   -  Whitehorse Historical Society 


On Friday,4th August the weather was looking ominous for our Amble at Haliday park, so were had Plan B (back to Carol's) penciled in. But we managed to get in our two laps of the park, and our cuppa and chat just before a little bit of rain started.  Six ladies came along, including one of our 'retired members', Wendy, and a lovely morning was had by all.

As you can see from the attached photos, the blossoms are in bloom!  And plenty of wattle trees are in flower! Does that mean the Spring is nearly on us? I think so.

Our next Amble is at Ruffey Pake Park, Friday 1st September, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Halliday Park was named after "Robert Ramsay Halliday" born 1880.  He was an active and athletic member of the community, noted for his talents in Axemanship and foot racing. In 1904 Robert married Florence Amelia Ireland, daughter of a large and important orcharding family in Mitcham.

Robert first entered Council via the Shire of Nunawading in 1914, and he became a member of the first council of the shire of Blackburn and Mitcham in 1926. The shire was formed by splitting the Shire of Nunawading into the Shires of Blackburn and Mitcham and the Shire of Box Hill in 1925. Robert was a passionate and active member of the shire and served as president for two years. Sadly, he passed away in 1936 following a car accident in Corio.

In 1937, the Shire council purchased a 10 acre block of land from his widow Florence.  This land was remade into a park in his memory and opened in April, 1938.  Upgrades and changes continue over the years.

                                               Info. taken from signage in Halliday park


On Thursday 10th August, after hearing the weather report, I was ready for Plan B for our Plenty River Walk - which was - straight to the Cafe.  But the rain held off and 20 walkers joined in to enjoy this very pretty walk.  It is a lovely area with lots of Bridges, Birds and Beautiful trees.  So, as you can see, the B's have it.  The photos just show how pretty this area is.

When I first arrived at the car park there was a fairly large group of people gathering, and I'm thinking "I don't recognize all these folk"  and went into a bit of a panic.  Then I saw a face or two that I knew;  OK, all good.  Turns out the others were another Probus Club with the same idea as us.  Hope they enjoyed their walk as much as we did.

We then headed to Espresso 3094 Cafe in Were St Montmorency for our much anticipated cuppa and chat, where we were joined by Jack.  This is quite a trendy street with lots of nice shops and a lovely rest area where I took the attached photo of the stunning wall Mural.  Brian bought a chicken pie from the bakehouse to take home for later.  Delicious!! I will organise another walk in this area later in the year, where we can try out another Cafe "Stone's Throw".

Our next walk is Tuesday 22 August, from Donvale heading to Beasley's Nursery and I look forward to seeing you there.


"The Plenty River begins its course at Mt Disappointment within the Great Dividing Range and runs south for a 47 Kilometres until it joins the Yarra River in Viewbank.  The Plenty River Trail runs south alongside the river througout Banyule's municipality and extends just north of the Greensborough Bypass down to the junction of the Main Yarra Trail."

And talking of rivers,  "There is no life without water because water is needed to make coffee!"


On Tuesday 8th August the second meeting of our Book Club was held at Dawn's home again with just 5 members attending.  The five members had a mixed reaction to Indigo Storm by Fleur McDonald, with the majority enjoying but not raving about this book.

Our next meeting is to be held on 26th September 2023.  The book chosen by Kaye is  "Wish you were here" by Jodi Picoult. The meeting will be held at my home and Lorelle is the Host for the Day.




What could be better than to sit down with a great group of 16 Probus friends at Vibrante restaurant in Templestowe and tuck into a very tasty 2 course (or 3 course) luncheon on a bleak winter day?

Some of us had returned from winter breaks in other parts of Aus. (and in some cases outside Aus.) so it was terrific to catch up with a long chat over a wine and a nice meal.

Once again a big thank you to our hard working Social Committee.


Luncheone Italian Style


Like our last walk on Thursday 10th August, I was ready for Plan B for our Donvale to Beasley's walk on 22nd August.  This time we did get some rain, but not enough to spoil what was a very enjoyable outing for the five ladies who walked, to be met at Beasley's Cafe by Jack for a nice cuppa followed by a wander around the delightful shop.  This is a lovely walk and as our numbers were down for various reasons, I will put it in for early next year again.

We started near the Mullum Mullum wetlands - quiet a secret little area.  We were delighted to see some kangaroos nearby. We finished near the Billabong at Tikalara (meaning "Spirit Place") Reserve before heading to the Cafe.

Our next walk is Thursday 14th September, starting at Stonehouse Cafe and walk along the Yarra in Warrandyte.  I look forward to seeing you there. "An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day."

So, "What is a billabong"?  Billabong is a term that derives from the language of the Wiradjuri people of South Western NSW and describes a pond or pool of stagnant water that is left behind when the river alters course or after floodwaters recede.

                                    Tikalara Billabong

Moulin Rouge:

A most enjoyable afternoon was spent at the Regent Theatre watching the  musical 'Moulin Rouge'.  

The members of the group travelled into the city by bus or train and joined the bustle of the city crowds on our way to the theatre. Apart from the music being very loud we all thoroughly enjoyed the production of 'Moulin Rouge'.

Oh - to be in Paris again.

           PARIS - 'THE CITY OF LOVE'

                                             Forward to Gallery 4

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