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We had 12 join in on 23rd May for the walk from Edendale Farm heading towards Diamond Creek, returning to have our cuppa at Cafe Eden at the farm. (great place to take young grandkids in the holidays). We have been so lucky with the weather and today was no exception.  Here's hoping that the sunshine stays with us for the coming walks.

Our next walk is 8th June, starting at Mullum Mullum Stadium, walking towards Park Road and cuppa at the end at the Stadium Cafe.  Hope to see you there.

The current Edendale Farm site was originally part of a 51 acre site first purchased from the crown in 1852 by pioneer Henry Stooke.  He was a prominent citizen in the Eltham district and was actively involved in the development of infrastructure & recreational services in the area. The next owner was Thomas Cool, manager of the Victorian Coffee Palace which adjoined the Town Hall in Collins Street, Melbourne. He purchased the site in 1896 and built the homestead the same year. The property was sold many times over the years, one family being the Gaston's (hence Gastons Road). The Shire of Eltham purchased the property in1970, establishing an animal pound and small nursery. Over the years, the farm has evolved and development into the lovely outing place it is now.

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