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On the 3rd Thursday of each month a group of crafty ladies enjoy the company of others as they knit, crochet or just chat.

Bring along your wool and needles and join in - no experience with knitting needles is needed.





Was it the NO COST and NO PRIZES that lured the 17 players to our home on Friday 21st June for Crazy Whist?  We had a good number of players who had to maneuver around the tables and chairs to get to the next table for the next game, but we were warm and cosy and enjoyed a happy time of fun and friendship while playing cards.  Chas preferred to stay in the same seat for much of the afternoon, and as a result he and Geoff shared the tail enders title.  Jeff, our stand in President, also excelled at cards and romped home as a big winner.  They each won a chocolate from the box that had been kindly brought by Kaye.  We hope to be back in the hall for our next game on Thursday 25th July, where it won't be quite so squishy.



Display by artist Nina Kelabora- Eltham Library

We had 13 walkers join in for the Eltham Park walk on 25th June, 2024 and we had no rain! And, it wasn't 1 degree.  It was very pleasant in fact.  Welcome to two of our soon to be members Denis and Jane.  We look forward to spending more time in your company.  We headed to the Teapot cafe for our cuppa and chat halfway, and coffee was served with a name on it. Take your name when you order, and it comes on your coffee.  Not so for our tea drinkers unfortunately.

We had a quick peek into the Eltham Library facility, which the Gregory Burgess Architects won an award for design. There was an art display in the foyer by Nina Kelora.  It is nice Library for our readers to visit, if you haven't been there.  We said a quick "hello" to Alan Marshall of I Can Jump Puddles fame on our way back.  He is buried in Nillumbik Cemetery, Diamond Creek.

There is a lot of work going on in the area, new toilet block, fixing up areas of erosion along the banks and new bike trails going in.  It is all happening.  Good to see someone's money at work.

Our next walk is the Gardiner's Creek Trail, Burwood to Highbury Road and return, on the 11th and return, on the 11th July, and I look forward to seeing you there.

            And remember,  "A day without coffee is like .......Just kidding, I have no idea!!"


There were 15 members who attended the Museum including a few visitors. Our guide Ron was very knowledgeable, explained and informed us as we moved along.  All had a great time seeing and experiencing the WW1 and WW2 Fighter Planes, German Jet Engine, Mirage Fighter, Commercial Planes and the old "TAA" Passenger Turbo Prop Plane.

We also saw the Police Helicopter that was involved in the rescue during the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in 2017.

Aviation uniforms were also on display.  The list could go on and and on.  There was still a lot of equipment not on display due to lack of space at the Museum.  We were at the museum for over an hour.

Then onto the "Flight Deck" Bar and Grill for lunch.  This was located at the Moorabbin Airport Lounge.  We all enjoyed a relaxing drink and lunch.

It was a great day out.


        Moorabbin Air Museum Slideshow



As you can see from the photos, we all had coats and hats on for our Warrandyte riverside amble  on Friday, 5th July, but it wasn't too bad really: no wind and no rain.  We had 8 join in, including Denis and Jane, about to become members, and Coral's daughter, Allison, which was very nice.  Denis, being the only man decided to go that way towards and around Pound Bend, while we ladies ambled this way along the riverside making our way, we thought, to visit Stomnehouse Gallery.  When we arrived, we found the Gallery had gone after 51 years, to be replaced by a very quirky "Recycled Delightful" shop.  It is an interesting shop and well worth a browse.  We then settled down in the shelter for our cuppa and chat.  Another nice morning ambling.

Our next Amble is Schwerkolt Cottage, Mitcham on Friday, 2nd August, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Here are some lovely words spoken by actor Anthony Hopkins.  "No one leaves here alive.  So please stop treating yourself as an afterthought.  Eat delicious food.  Walk in the sun.  Jump into the sea.  Speak the truth that you carry in your heart like a hidden treasure.  Be silly.  Be good. Be weird.  There is no time for anything else."

And one from Ros and Sue:  "JOIN IN THE AMBLES"



On the 11th July we had 6 members, 2 about to be members and 1 visitor - my hubby - join in for the Gardener's Creek walk in Burwood area.  I was fearful it was going to be wet and windy but the rain held off and not too much wind, so, not too bad a day for a winter in Melobourne.

As we crossed over Burwood Highway, we came to the area that was the site of the Burwood Drive -In Cinema, the first one in Australia, opening in 1954.  It held up to 650 cars, with a kiosk selling snacks while the attendants served customers in their cars, with a kiosk selling snacks.  Anyone have memories of going there?  The drive-in closed in 1983, making way for an electricity supple depot.  There are some wooden sculptures in the area made from the last Cypress tree.

"Drive-Ins Down Under"  - "Memories are made of this"

Circo 1890 - the area had orchards and market gardens with cherries, apples, pears and peaches. Some of these trees are still there.  Flower farms were also common and "Woodlawn", a large daffodil farm once occupied the site of the Deaken University Burwood Campus.  We now have part of the new Rail Loop being constructed in the area.

We enjoyed a nice coffee and a chat at the warm and friendly cafe "Bells & Whistles" halfway before making our way back. You will notice the beautiful yellow coffee machine, with lots of yellow and black on the shelves in the background.  Any Richmond supporters, this the place to go.  They love the Tigers footy club.

Our next walk is starting at Edendale Farm, Eltham, on Tuesday, 23rd July, and I look forward to seeing you there.,

                 "WALKING : The most ancient exercise and the most modern."


On Thursday the Probus group  of "CRAFTIES" gathered together at Mary's to knit, crochet, chat and share a cup of coffee while clicking the needles to and fro. Some were knitting beanies and squares for charity while others were knitting jumpers for grandchildren.  This is a most enjoyable afternoon so come along and join in and you too can be a "PROBUS CRAFTIE".


                                             Forward to Gallery 4

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