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Welcome to a new Probus Year of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship


"Time is like a flowing river, no water passes between your feet twice, much like a river, moments never pass you by again, so cherish every moment that life gives you and have a wonderful New Year."  -  Fresh Quotes


                            Annual January Picnic (in lieu of a January meeting)

Under the shade of the rotunda 33 of our members arrived at Ruffey Park for our ' Annual 10.30 am Morning Picnic/Sausage Sizzle'  Many "How was your Christmas?", "Happy New Years", and just catching up again.  The weather was extremely hot but fortunately the sun went behind the clouds, we even had a light cool breeze spring up for a short time.

Thank you to Lucy, Jack and Bernie kept busy at the BBQ cooking delicious smelling onions to coat our sausages wrapped in a slice of bread then covered in tomato sauce.  YUM!!!! HOW AUSSIE IS THIS ???

A great way to commence our 2019 year, a pity that more members were not in attendance.  This was a free day with lunch provided.

Here's to successful 2019 in our Probus year.


January - Morning Coffee at The Pines

Probus friends catching up for that morning cup of coffee - ready for a new year of "Fun, Friendship and Fellowship"

                         CROWN CASINO RED CARPET LUNCH

         Happy Chinese New Year

               "Year of the Pig"

On Wednesday January 30th, on a very warm summer's day, 42 members attended Crown Casino Red Carpet Lunch.

It was a very enjoyable lunch as usual, with members in very jovial moods.

Thank you Ian for again arranging this great outing and hopefully it will be on our program for 2020.


February Barbecue - Ruffey Lake

Quite a cool night for a 'Barbie' but that did not stop the fun, chatter and laughter from Probus friends getting together.

Sue's Walk Report

The Probus Walking year began on 14th February - or Valentine's day - with 6 ladies (4 Apologies) enjoying a lovely walk along the riverside in Warrandyte.  The weather was perfect and the river was looking beautiful as always.  On our return walk we wandered for sometime in the Stonehouse gallery, which is always worth a visit, they have some beautiful items.  We ended our walk with a nice chat and cuppa at 'The Stonehouse Cafe'.

Our next walk is on the 26th February along the Mullum Mullum trail to Beasleys for our cuppa.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Last year I used to put in my "Coffee Thought" for the day but, not everyone drinks coffee.  So this year, there will be a few "Tea" thoughts for the day, so:

Sue's Tea Thought for the day is: "Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things."

Crazy Whist

Crazy Whist got off to a crazy start with our numbers dropping from 19 to 14 before we started, but all who attended had a happy, chatty time.  Our winner, by a huge amount, was Glenda, with a score of 105, beating Ralph with 94.  Our tail ender was Loris, who played so cunningly in order to win this prize, that she didn't win one round and stayed at the same table all evening.  This is a first in all the years we have been playing Crazy Whist.  Loris and Glenda were both justly rewarded with vouchers for Evangeline's Coffee Shop in Tunstall Square.  Come and join in the fun at our next Crazy Whist evening on Thursday, 21st March, 2019.  No prior skills are needed, just a sense of humour!

Jan and Cynthia

Ten Pin Bowling

A fun afternoon was had by all of our "Ten Pin  Bowlers" with only a few bowls ending up in the gutter.

It was great to see some new faces joining our group.

We all enjoyed the afternoon tea after the game.

                      "Come along and join in the fun"

Sue's Walk Report

On the 26th Feb, we had 10 members (1 apology) join in for the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail to Beasleys Cafe.  We were lucky with the weather.  In what is going to be a hot week, we got the coolest day of the week for our walk, 24 degrees, and we certainly wouldn't have wanted it to be any hotter.  This is probably one of our longer walks, about return, and was the first walk the Club ever did, organised in the day of Pat and David.  I have fond memories of that day.

Our next walk is Candlebark Park to Pettys Orchard and return, having our "cuppa" halfway at the Orchard.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Sue's Tea thought for the day is: "Tea is the answer to most problems".

I might throw in a "Coffee" saying too:  "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that's pretty close".



Thirty two happy members enjoyed a fun breakfast at Beau Monde. 

Conversation flowed and much laughter could be heard from some of our members.

Thanks to Ian and Annette for their great organisation.


An Intrepid group of 23 members found their way to Williamstown through the morning traffic for a visit to the Train Museum. Having myself travelled on quite a few steam trains around the world I was looking forward to seeing some of the relics of past glories in the steam world of Australia.  After receiving our 'ticket' from the station master (as near a perfect copy of the original card ticket) we were met by our volunteer guide Ian and his able assistant to give us an interesting and detailed history of the many steam engines.  Some of these have been restored to their former glory but there are many awaiting for their transformation. These steam trains along with some 'newer' diesel engines are transformed by a small but dedicated bunch of guys. It was interesting to hear many comments from members reminiscing from their childhood of the many journeys that were taken in their youth on these modes of transport.  Steam trains were still in use up to the early 1960's.  We had a small chuckle that the 'politics'of past were just as disorganised as some of our current political decisions with learning that the 'rail gauge' size varied from one state to another, thereby needing 2am changes to a different train enroute to Adelaide being just one example.  After the tour we ventured over to the Steam Packet pub for lunch ... and of course a glass of the red stuff.



On a cool March evening a group of Probus friends gathered together to enjoy food, wine and friendly chatter.  Where else could you join together in conversation to solve the problems of the world!!  This was our last barbecue before the end of daylight saving.  Thank you Jack and Lucy for making the barbecues so much fun.  We all look forward to them starting again later in the year.


On the 14th March, a small group made up of 5 ladies and our ever reliable Jack walked from Candlebark Park to Petty Orchard Cafe, where we enjoyed a very nice "cuppa" before our return walk.  It was 10 degrees on our back patio before I left home, so jackets were the order of the day, but the sun came out and it was an absolutely perfect day for a walk.  This is a nice walk, where the kookaburras were laughing, the parrots flying around, and just before we made it to the Cafe, a quite large kangaroo at the side of the track.  As we arrived at the Cafe, the magpies - not the Collingwood variety - had made themselves quite at home clearing the tables of leftovers.  Austalian nature at its best.  Lucy had a wonderful time taking photos.

Our next walk is Green Gully Trail, having our cuppa at "Down The Rabbit Hole" Cafe.  It sounds a bit "Alice in Wonderland" doesn't it!  I look forward to seeing you there.

Sue's "Coffee" thought for the day: "Dinosaurs had no Coffee - How did that work out?" 

For our "tea" lovers: "When your day seems topsy turvy and as stormy as can be, there's nothing quite as tranquil as a nice hot cup of tea."

                    OUT & ABOUT

                 Port Melbourne to St Kilda

Eleven members set off from Doncaster heading to Port Melbourne.  Alighting from the light rail in perfect weather we walked along the Bay foreshore to the Catani Gardens on St Kilda Foreshore where we stopped for lunch. Catani is better known for his work in straightening the Yarra River from Princes Bridge thus creating the Lake in the Botanical Gardens and reclaiming the St Kilda beach foreshore.  From there we pressed on and around to Luna park from where we took a coffee stop in busy Acland Street, then returning home.  

Our thanks to Susan and Trish for the organisation of a great day.



After a very efficiently run Annual GM, we finished early and headed off to our 'President's Lunch' at the Doncaster Hotel.

Lots of noisy chat, which means we were having fun, good service and good food were enjoyed by 90 of our members.

A good day overall.



We had good fun at Crazy Whist and Alan Byrne was an easy winner.  Don Patterson and I combined, playing alternate games, and played equally well with poor cards, so we were the tail enders or the biggest losers.

Jan (Convener)


On the 26th March, we had 5 members (2 apologies) walk the Green Gully Trail on what started out a chilly morning but the sun did come out and it was a lovely day for a walk. Afterwards, we drove a short distance to "Down The Rabbit Hole" Cafe, which has a nice area out the back away from the madding crowd.  It is a very popular spot.

Our next walk was on the 11th April along the Mullum Mullum Trail to Park Road, returning to have our "cuppa" at the Stadium in Mullum Mullum Park.  For this one I can name names! We had Helen and Fred, new members at our Club, Lyn and myself.  As you can see, our walkers are dwindling a bit lately, but for lots of very valid reasons.  A few sickies and lots away holidaying.  We had the perfect Melbourne autumn day, for this one, and it was nice to get to know Helen and Fred as there was lots of chatting along the way, and of course, having our coffee.

Our next walk is Eltham Park Loop, 23rd April (Easter Tuesday) so those of you who can, please join in.  I hope it won't be too long before our sickies are feeling better and wishing the happy holidayers good times.

Sue's "Coffee" thought for the day:

"A day without coffee is like .... Just kidding, I have no idea."

And for our "Tea" lovers:  "Make the first sip of tea you drink a moment for YOU."


While the Amblers illustrious leader Maureen was away cavorting with the Mildura Campers, 3 ladies held up our end for Maureen.  Carol, Joan (with her dear little dog Rosie) and myself (Sue) enjoyed a lovely walk around the very pretty Ringwood Lake, having a wonderful chat follow by more chatting while we had our morning tea.  Thank you Maureen for organising this - we did you proud.  Looking forward to the next Amble at Wombat Bend on the 1st May.

Please join in, we have a delightful morning.


Bus Trip - Nagambie Area

We were all looking forward to the bus trip. The bus travelled up the Hume Freeway with our first stop being Seymour for a break and morning tea.  Our stop in Seymour was near the Vietnam Memorial Walk - 'the only one of its kind in Australia dedicated solely to Vietnam veterans. The walk has the names of approx 60,000 Australians who served in Vietnam.  It is a meandering red earth path set in native trees and grasses that resemble rubber trees and rice paddies.' Visit Melbourne site

Noorilim Estate - Wahring

Noorilim Estate is located between Nagambie and Murchison in Central Victoria.

The homestead was designed by architect James Gall in 1879 for William Irving, a wealthy pastoralist and member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Province.  As they are today, lavish homesteads were a way of signalling wealth and influence in society.  The mansion is one of finest examples of Italianate architecture in Australia and is classified by the National Trust.

The estate is now owned by the Menzies family and along with previous owners has been lovingly restored.

The estate is surrounded by more than 12 acres of picturesque botantical gardens, an ornamental lake and 75 acres of vineyards.

Lunch at Nagambie Rowing Club

A two course lunch was enjoyed by all the Probus bus travellers overlooking the beautiful Nagambie Lake at the Rowing Club.

Chateau Tahbilk

Chateau Tahbilk  was established in 1860.  It is one of the most beautiful and historic family owned wineries in Australia. We all enjoyed the visit to the cellar door, the wine tastings and several members of our group took home some premium wines to add to their collections. 


Many thanks Ian for arranging such a great day out.

Sue's Walk Report

Five or six seems to be the new number for our walks lately, but that's okay.  It only takes two to have a nice chat and a walk.  All the same,  I hope it won't be too long before some of our missing "walkers" are back on track - we do miss you.  So, there were 5 members, 1 visitor (4 apologies) for our Eltham Park walk on 23rd April.  After our walk, we enjoyed our "cuppa" and chat at the "Teapot Cafe" where our coffees were presented with our portraits on top. I believe one of the girls working there is a graphic artist and can do an instant "caricature" on top of the froth.  The whole bit, hairdos, earrings, caps, etc.  Very clever.  See what you missed out on!  Lyn, who had a cup of tea, also missed out.

Our next walk is on 9th May along the Plenty River in Montmorency.  Hope you can make it.

Sue's Coffee thought for the day:  "Of course size matters! Nobody wants a small cup of coffee."

And, for our tea lovers:  "Where there's tea, there's happiness."

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